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This blog provides photos of, and directions to, places of interest on Craggy Island; former home of Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal Maguire, Father Jack Hackett and Mrs. Doyle.

Use the links to the right to view photographs of, maps to and GPS locations for these.  Please feel free to add comments on those pages if you have visited these locations yourself and have any experiences or suggestions to share.

If anyone can suggest any locations not already included, please add comments below here.

Directions to Craggy Island

It wouldn't be on any maps. It's not exactly "New York". The best way to find it is generally to head out from Galway and go slightly north until you see the English boats with the Nuclear symbol on the side. They come very close to the island when they're dumping the old glow-in-the-dark.

When you get there, there's no idications that it is Craggy island. There's no signs or anything. If you see a man looking at you with a t-shirt saying "I SHOT JR" then you're there alright.

There are no landmarks on Craggy island. The island itself is a kind of landmark really. For ships and that. The general rule is if you're heading away from it you're going in the right direction.

SatNav Tour Guide download

You can download a Tour Guide file here which you can upload to your SatNav device. All of the Craggy Tours locations will be automatically set on your GPS with a little "Father Ted" icon:

The tourguide files can be downloaded here.

Here is the link to download the Garmin POI files directly. You will need to download the Garmin POILoader software from the official Garmin website in order to upload the file to your Garmin SatNav. Download the software here. (12.50 MB)

Other Places of interest

"Ireland's largest lingerie department" is in Dunnes Stores in Ennis.
As seen in:
Series 2, Christmas Special : "A Christmassy Ted"

Pat Mustard's Regular "Milk" Customers' Houses : Google Map
As seen in:
Series 3, Episode 3 : "Speed 3"

The Mainland... : Google Map
For Opticians, Coffee Shops, Garda Stations and A.A. Meetings.
As seen in:
Series 3, Episode 4 : "The Mainland"