The Very Dark Caves

..."it's Almost Like Being Blind!"

The Very Dark Caves are actually located on the Mainland. Also known locally as Aillwee Cave

As seen in:
Series 3, Episode 4 : "The Mainland"

GPS Co-ordinates:
   N    53.090334    or    53°05'25"
   W   09.146442    or    09°08'47"


  1. I dont belieeeeeeve it

  2. question. Was Father Ted A) The funniest comedy programme ever? or B) Just a fairly accurate documentary series ?

    Answer Both

  3. I will not go to these caves. They are full of men all hoping for an updraft to get a glimpse of a young women's shapely legs or dainty underthings. It is a sinful place. Now if you'll excuse me, it is time for my daily inspection of the sisters for skin rashes. It usually takes all night as I am very thorough.