Funland is a Funfair/Carnival that takes place annually in "the field" on Craggy Island". Well, it's not a field really, but it has less rocks in it than most places on the island.

Attractions include:
  *  The Tunnel of Goats
  *  Freak Pointing
  *  The Ladder
  *  The Whirly-go-round
  *  The Spinning Cat
  *  Duck Startling
  *  Tarot Reading
  *  The Chair of Death
  *  The Pond of Terror
  *  Goading Fierce Man
  *  Hen Chariots
  *  "Horse" Riding

As seen in:
Series 1, Episode 1 : "Good Luck Father Ted"

GPS Co-ordinates:
   N    53.489010    or    53°29'20"
   W   06.098835    or    06°05'56"

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